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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Joined RinnieRiot's Giveaway

Actually this is my first time to joined a giveaway since i'm new on beauty blogger~
This is an international giveaway from RinnieRiot.

When I see the Prizes, i'm getting on fire to join the giveaway xD
Here is the Prizes:
  • Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelash No.1 (Top lashes)
  • Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelash No.5 (Bottom lashes)
  • Handmade Floral Bow
  • Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Macaroon Pink
  • 2 My Beauty Diary Facial Mask Apple
So, do you interesting too?
Let's join ASAP!
It's will be end on August 31,2012

For More details, please click here ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally! This is the result about Loreal Paris Total Repair Shampoo on my hair!

Hello Dear~ ^^
still remember about my post here a few days ago?

Finally i see the result!
Totally dont like T^T
My head full of dandruff after i use the shampoo (in the same day!)
But it's still make my hair more soft.
My advice, dont dirrectly judge this shampoo.
Maybe it's will work perfectly on your hair ^^~
Everyone has each different of their hair's type.
But i really want my Loreal Paris Color Vive back T^T
My hair too sensitive, so i cant change my shampoo easily ><

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Awards!

I'm really new on beauty blogger but i dont ever think can receive awards soon like this ><
thx so much for Lyne who give me the award :D
Really happy laa :D <3

I get this too from Feli <3
You're so amaizing!

These are 5 rules of Versatile Award :

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
2. Let the nominated know what they have been nominated for this award
3. Shared 7 random fact about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

7 Random Facts About Myself :
1. I love all about South Korea! Everything!
2. Totally being inspired by Ulzzang ><
I cant describe why (cause i still dont know xp)
But everything about them make me being motivated
3. I love surfing internet so much
4. A big fans of chocolate!
5. Like all about photography and design
6. Love make up somuch! but someone like 'dont like' if i use make up :( 
7. I like Hello Kitty and Danboo <3

These are 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging, but I love them already! >.<
2. DocCii
3. Anita
4. Yun Ny
8. Mukti
9. Marsha
10. Sabrina
11. Vanda
13. Vhe
14. Jilly
15. Beataa

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dont get my shampoo on the market :( So i try this one :)

Since my hair was coloring, i use the right side for my daily shampoo.It's Loreal Paris Color Vive.
This shampoo is perfect for me. It's make my hair shining and of course it's smell good. The smell can last for up to 2 days. I cant use shampoo random, cause my hair very sensitife x_x
But since i use this shampoo, i never find the negative impact for my hair ^^
What i like about this shampoo is the shampoo can make my hair feel light and also smooth 
Today my shampoo was run out. I'm going to the market after churching.
But i cant't find the red one :(
I can't think that i dont shampooing tomorrow, so i try to use the Loreal Paris Total Repair.
I'll give the review after use that shampoo for a few days ^^~

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Blackhead ^^

hello~ hello~ :D
Like my promise before, i'll give a review about other facial soap. My favorite of course xDD
It's Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser :D
for your information, i use two kinds of facial soap every washing my face xD
I use clean & clear only on my nose. it's totally effective to remove the blackheads.

I use two soap cause if i only use clean & clear, arround my face (except check and nose) will be like burning and feel tingle.
I still choose this cause it's totally effective remove the blackheads on my nose.
(It's about 2-3 days washing :D)
The texture like it's has a sand scrub xD

But unfortunatelly, this soap make us such dependence.
For the example, you always use this product every you washing your face, but suddenly u didnt, trust me! Less than 2 days, the blackheads will come back to your face, even more. x_x
So let's decide what do you want :)
Just can suggest you. Dont ever to change your facial foam if it's suitable for your skin :)

Oriflame Stay Glam Lip Colour

Hey Hey!
I'm back xDD
I wanna share something. Just a bit xD
When i'm back to my home, i found the Oriflame Stay Glam Lip Colour on my lil sister's cosmetic case.
With my "want to know" feeling, i try the product for give the review here.
The Code is Pink Blush. I like this product, since it's has a highly fragrant aroma.

For Base Layer

It's use for base layer. Especially for black lips.

For Top Layer

And after a few second, put the transparent for the top layer.
It's can make your lips color more natural.

But unfortunately, this product not long lasting :(
You should to always replay the step every few hours.
This is how the lip's color in my lips xD

And this is me! kk~


Ps: I dont editing my photo. That's the real me :)
Don't believe? Just meet me! xD
Or u can check with photoshop or anything to see my photo are edit or not :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pink's skin! Please be nice to me xP

Ponds White Beauty
Yeah! I use this facial foam as my favourite.
It's smell good. The foam texture are soft too.
After use this, my face get fresh and also look bright.
mm~ my mom said that my face look pink like baby! kk
so i dont want to change my facial foam with other brand xP

I only use it with a small speck every washing my face.
Like this :D

FYI, i just washing my face 2 times a day!LOL
But it's not include if i use the make up. xD
For my skin, this foam not give any negative impact such as acne and irritation.
I'm recommended you to try this foam for get the babbies skin.
I'll show you my other facial soap in my next post.
Bye Bye ;D

It's about what i think

Hey dear~
Now, i want to share my feeling to you ~
It's just about this blog.
Actually i feel scared to make this beauty blog (i have art & design blog before).
I just think that how if people dont like about my post here.
I just try to share about beauty here. Sometime i confused too.
Since i'm from Indonesia, should I write my post with indonesian or with english?
Funny right. That simple think can make me confused. x__x
But finally i decide. With my bad english, i try to talk with people from various countries.
But if you an indonesian and there is something that you dont understand my english, I would be happy to explain it in Indonesian. ;)
Actually, i started to share my beauty review cause of my hater! x__x
She said that i use photo editing too much. ckck
It's true that i use photo editing, but it's really not much like what she think ><
Can't I write my name on my photo? Can't I change the photo color? Can't I adjust the brightness level?
ahh~ too many want i ask to her if i meet her. ckck
Just cant think..
Are use a make up make something wrong?
I just like and care about beauty, so in here i'll make this blog.
To share my favorite with others. And also i want to get friends too :D
I'm not an expert, but i love the miracle of make up!
I think my post will make you sleepy right? kk
Any suggestion? xP

Oriflame Absolute Concealer For Eyes - PINK & GOLD

Hello dear ~! ^^
Do you have a nice day? :D
Before i post my review, i just want to

This time i'll review about Oriflame Absolute Concealer For Eyes.
This concelear comes in two shades of pink and gold.



Since the concealer only 10ml, i bought two of them xP
It's how the concelear blend on my skin

1. Gold  2.Pink

The Pink color look very natural to my skin, but it doesnt make something different on my face :o
But the Gold's color too bright for me xD
Sometimes i mix that two color, so it's will be blend more naturally :D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Compact Powder + BB Cream in one brand! Easy to get xP

Hey Dear <3
Today I want to review about my Maybeline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream SPF 26 & Maybelline Smooth Clear Powder Foundation with SPF20.
This is my first pairing daily make up since the product very easy to got in my country :D
Usually i use powder which has different merk with my bb cream xD

What do you think about it? xP 
Same as other bb cream, the function is to covered the face from the deficiencies.
This is how the maybelline bb cream in my hand :D

can you see the different? :D
Actually i'm not too excited with this bb cream, because it just have one color.
And the color doesnt suitable with my skin :(
If i use in my face, i look like wearing a mask x__x
But I recomended you to have the compact powder.
It'r really long lasting :D
And also it doesnt make our face oily ;)

Oriflame Beauty 3 in 1 Make Up Remover & Oriflame Eyeliner VERYME Double Trouble

Hello dear~! I'm back xDD
I think i'm in a good mood to review. kk~
oke, while listening my kpop song, i'll post something. I hope this post can help you to know ;)
This time,i'll review my oriflame product again. It's about Oriflame Eyeliner VERYME Double Trouble.
First, i'll review about the eyeliner. Here is the picture :D

I bought the Night Glow series. I has 2 parts in one pencil. A black colour in the right side, and the white colour in the left side. The white colour has a shimmer too, so it's will make your beauty eyes look more pretty cause the blink-blink. Length of the pencil is about 10cm (5cm for each colour).
This is how the eyeliner will see

Actually i love this eyeliner cause it's practical and simple to use. But unfortunately, this eyeliner not waterproof :( If we try to douse with water, the eyeliner will not fade at all. But if we use it in our eyes, it will easily fade if exposed to our sweat.
Sometimes the black part will make arround your eyes black too x__x
For clean that, usually i use Oriflame Beauty 3 in 1 Make Up Remover.

it's how the eyeliner on my hand clean easily. Hmm~
I said that this eyeliner not waterproof right?
but you still must use the remover for clean the eyeliner perfectly.
If you just use water, the eyeliner will not be clean, but it's will make your arround eyes 
look black and very difficult to clean even you use soap x__x

Oriflame Beauty Reveal Kit

Hello Dear~
This is my first review, so i'm sorry if too awkward ><
When I see Oriflame'a catalog, I see the Oriflame Beauty Reveal Kit on it.
I am very interested in it because I thought it was for face's shadding. 
I try to buy it cause i think i need the chocolate one for shadding my round face. xD
So, canggg..caanngg..
This is the Oriflame Beauty Reveal Kit.

When I get my order, honestly i'm a bit surprise. I dont ever think that it will be textured like a cream.
I think it will be same as other eye shadow, textured like powder. kk~
hmm~ but actually i love this product! It has 3 colours, matte pink, shimmery pink and shimmery beige.
I like the smell too! It's have a good smell. An then, the color could blend naturally with my face, so it's can make perfect shadding on my face ^^
 I love it :D