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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Daddy Really A Superhero! T^T

Actually I'm not in a good mood. When i wake up this morning, i see my handphone and i got a message from my two lil sista. I was so shock! Because both of them just text me like this "daddy was fell!".
Soon, my eyes going so fresh and my feeling going so bad.
I asked them, how did that happen? And one of my lil sista told me the chronology.
So, it's happened on 5 am. My Father hear my neighbor screaming for asked help.
FYI, My neighbor is a grandmother who is deaf. When my father will run to my neighbor's house, he saw the fire from the back of her house.
I dont know what actually happened, but he jump to the next house through the fence.
Cause it's still morning, nobody in there. Also my mother and my two sister still sleep.
My sister wakeup because she hear my father shout loud. Calling her name continious.
She thought she only dreaming, so she dont go to my father soon. ><
She wakeup after my mother screaming too after see my father condition.
My father's leg going swollen and being blue soon. He couldn't move from his place. Being sculpture for a moment. Luckily, the grandmother and her house was okay.
Really, i feel so scary. I dont want anything happen. Please GOD, help to healing my father's leg.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Giveaway Prize from MissKattie \(^o^)/

Sorry for long time x_x
Actually i got this gift last week. But i was too busy so i cant post soon.
So, i joined MissKattie first giveaway. And tadaaa~
I won as the second winner! kk~
Really Happy laa. It's my first time joined giveaway as a new beauty blogger, but i can luckily win! xP
It's one of many lucky life of mine ^^
anyway, you can check it here.
Okee..  No need to wait longer, so here is the packet!

the box size similar to the shoes box size xP
Inside the box ^^

And the make up all inside on cute white pouch ^^

Finally, here is all the product.

Detail Products:
Lancome Pouch
SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser
estee Lauder Lift Extreme
Thefacehop nail polish
SKII FT Clear lotion
YVes Rocher body lotion
Estee lauder Eyeshadow
 Bare minerals set ( mascara, powder & lipgloss)
MAC Lipgloss

I'm Lovin it!

PS: If you want me to review the product above, just tell me and i'll review it ASAP for you :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lancome Indonesia Beauty Event PART 1

Actually, this is my first time attended the beauty event as a beauty blogger.
But I get a new experience here ^^
Only 20 blogger who invited to this event. And all from Indonesian Beauty Blogger Community.
This event come from Lancome Indonesia which held on Sept 22th at Taman Anggrek Mall.
It's for launching their latest pruduct, Lancome Hypnoze Doll Eyes.
So here is the stage.

It's start on 11 am. The Mc come with two models and give the openning. He said that The Beauty Blogger named Carnellin and Hanna Widya who have the idea to make the battle.

Here is the model. Carnellin's Model in the left side, and Hanna's Model in the Right side.
A few minutes later the makeup artist Cika Revita (Carnellin's Partner) and Rosdiana (Hanna's Partner) come to stage too. And then, the battle was begin!

Carnellin, Cika and their model at the left side and Hanna, Rosdiana, and their model at the right side.
Carnellin use Doll Look for their theme and Hanna use Barbie Look.
While they started the battle, the mc ask them what their Lancome's Favourite Product.
Carnellin said that her most favourite product of Lancome is their loose powder.
Different with Hanna who said that Lancome Miracle Foundation is a good choice for using all day.
The MC asked 2 blogger from the bleachers too for filled the event.

He said whose blog the frequently followed by them.
And two of them choose Carnellin blog as their favourite beauty blogger. ^^


Phanie Celebrating her 2nd Blog Anniversary!

Giveaway again!
Now the giveaway come from Diary Of A Product Junkie ^^~
I want the prize cause there is a hello kitty product!
Tottalll want it xP
Here is the prize!

First Winner!

  • Revlon Nail Polish
  • Etude House Nymph Aura Nail Polish
  • Etude House Travel size Mirror
  • Etude House Psyche Red Lipstick
  • Etude House Makeup Remover (Travel Size)
  • The Face Shop Peeling Day (for brightening)
  • Hello Kitty Nail Filer
  • Hello Kitty Handy Makeup Bag
  • Hello Kitty Oil Blotting Sheet
  • 1 box of False Eyelashes
  • My Konjac Sponge Charcoal Type (perfect for acne prone skin)
  • Evian Face Mist (Travel Size) 
Second Winner

  • Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo and Conditioner
  • The Face Shop E'thym Sample Set
  • belif Anti Aging Essence Sample
  • Lancome Genifique Sample
  • Biotherm Body Lotion Sample
  • Clarins High Definition Body Lift Sample 

Third Winner

  • Etude House It's Real Brocolli Mask Pack
  • Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Sample
  • belif Cleansing Oil Gel Sample
  • Lancome Blanc Expert Lotion Sample 
  • Clarins Body Shaping Cream Sample

so, How is it?
Do you interest too?
let's join before Oct 31th ^^

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil Eyeliner + Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer

Hello~! Hello~!

This time, I want to sharing about etude pencil eye liner and etude eye primer from lynlynshop.
This is the Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil Eyeliner picture.


This is the eye liner.

It's has a sharpener on the back side. 

It's really simple to use!
Let's see the picture below.

This eyeliner not waterproof  :( When my faces sweating, the panda eyes immediately attacked my eyes.
Here is the picture.

Can you see the panda eyes below my eyes?
And then it's make my eyes red for a few days T^T
But i suggested you to use this want.
Etude Proof 10  Eye Primer.

It's totally work!
Actually the panda eyes keep attacking my eyes, but it is not fast like when i'm not using eye primer.
It's need almost half a day more to fade.
I am recomended you to use the eye primer when use the auto pencil eyeliner. 
Except to make your eyeliner long lasting, it is not make my eyes red like when i'm not use the eye primer before :p

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Joined Rimalma Putri First Giveaway! [INDONESIAN]

Hello my Indonesian dear~! <3
Kali ini mau ngepost tentang Rimalma first giveaway nih :D
Lagi seneng-senengnya ikutan giveaway gitu xP

Jujur aja, biasanya cuma jadi silent reader di blognya Rimalma.
yang paling aq suka dari blognya Rimalma itu gaya bahasa postingannya yang santai sama layout blognya yang kalem gitu xD
Pertama kali yang aq liat dri blog orang itu pasti dari layoutnya dulu.
Paling suka liat layout-layout yang girly gitu :D
Kalau udah jatuh cinta sama layoutnya, aq bakalan coba baca postingannya.
Dan taa daaa
aq inget banget, kalo aq langsung falling in love sama gaya bahasanya Rimalma yang ada selingan joke-joke ringan di postingannya, gara-gara baca post-an ini.
Waktu baca post-an itu aq sampe senyum-senyum sendiri liat gaya bahasanya =))
Trus juga suka foto-foto nya yang jernih ala majalah gitu O.O
Cuma, yang aq gx suka dari blognya Rimalma itu kadang-kadang suka gx ngerti sama kata-katanya (yang berupa singkatan, trus campuran bahasa-bahasa gx jelas gitu).
Trus pernah beberapa kali baca post-an yang kata-katanya sedikit kasar menurut aku.
Intinya, aq berharap supaya Rimalma tetep ngeblog pake bahasanya yang gokil-gokil kek biasanya, cuma kasih saran supaya bahasanya lebih diperbaikin sedikit gitu :D
Trus juga pengen kalo Rimalma lebih banyakin post tentang beauty nya (banyak maunya ya :p)
Segitu aja sihh.

Btw,ini hadiah buat winner giveawaynya! ^^
terakhir tanggal 15September ya.




Tertarik juga ikutan giveawaynya??
silahkan klik disini buat info selanjutnya :D
-hope can win this giveaway ^^-

Don't like bb cream? Let's try this sunblock ^^

Yeeyy! Back with new review!
It's Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish Cream ^^
This miracle cream has a same function with bb cream, the different is only in each colour.
BB cream has a chocolate colour, but the miracle skin has a white colour.
The texture are soft too.
Here is the packaging.

You can open the butterfly on the top box!

 Here is ^^

I like the packaging so much! It's so cute ><

 And this is the miracle skin on the jar

The jar's top

this is the cream's texture. Really soft!

Holika Miracle Skin Finish Cream can be used as a Moisturizer.
If u dont want to use make up on the early morning, you can just use this cream.
I loved it! Because it's totally simple.
It's can make your face glowy faster.
I like didn't use anything because it's too light on my face.
You can see the picture below, how the cream works on my face :D

1. My face without the cream
2. Use holika magic cream on the left side
3. how the holika magic cream make my right face look more glowy than the left face (see the arrow)
4. I use it on the right side too

So, here is the final result!

My face look more smoother and of course glowy \(^o^)/
very successful for blemishes on the face.
yieeyy! totally love it ^^

For the sensitive skin and spotty face, i suggested you to use this cream than use the bb cream.
Why? cause it has THE ANTI ALLERGY which safe to use for the skin's face.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pink Edition Haul xP

Welcome September!
I bought this on my friend's online shop from pre order first :D
It's pink edition! My favorite colour <3
And of course this is cheap :p
What do you think guys?

Big Grang Grang Choco Lens!

Hello dear!
Sorry after so long not post something in here.. x_x
All product that i want to review is in my boarding house. Because my holiday will end soon, i'm back to my boarding house :p
So, here is my review about Big Grang Grang Choco Lens \(^o^)/
I bought this from skin79bbc, it's really cheap ^^

 I use the plano one xD

Here is the lens after i moved it into my lens case ^^

I love this lens series, cause it's make a natural dolly look on my eyes :p
But unfortunatelly, the seller told me that the periode of this lens only 2-3 months.
Because the original product from korea will has a short periode of usage, not like fake product which can be used until 6-12 months.


Color : Choco
Diameter : 14.8 mm
Base Curve : 8.8 mm
Water Content :38%
Manufacturer : GEO Medical Co.,Ltd
Made in : Korea

The left side is my original eyes :p, and i use grang-grang series on the right side ^^

And then, here is the lens look on my face