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Friday, October 12, 2012

LIOELE Beauty Class

Going to Beauty Class!

Actually it's look like private, because there is only me and my friend xD
But I like it :p The class come from Lioele, which will starting at 2 pm in CitraLand.
So, while waited the makeup artist, I took some picture of Lioele's Stand.

And then, after 10 minutes, the makeup artist come ^^
Stupid me, I dont ask her name x_x
But I think her name is Ms Christine (please correct me if I wrong)
Someone has told me that the makeup artist name is Ms Evi. kk
Thx for told me Johana :D

Firstly, she asked us to remove our makeup first.
We use Lioele Makeup Cleansing Tissue.
And then, she introduced some of Lioele's products.

Pure White Treatment Series : 
For Whitening and make your face more glowy. It's good for a normal skin.

Here is for remove your blackhead ^^
From Left to the right:
1. Lioele Pore Openning Massage Gel
2. Lioele Pore Closing Finish Serum
3. Lioele Pore Clean & Tightening Pack
4. Lioele Soft Aroma Peeling Gel

For Anti Acne, you can use Acne Care Treatment Series.
It's good for acne's face. The product give a good treatment for treat your face from acne :D

And here is the Lioele Active Theraphy Ampule

I try to use Lioele Pore Clean & Tightening Pack after use
the Lioele Pore Openning Massage Gel First.


This is useful for closing the pore, because I already openning it right? kk

Lioele Makeup ^^

Here is when Ms Christine help my friend to shape her eyebrows.

Finally, here is the before after (sorry, I cant took the makeup step x_x)

Lioele Product that i use from first:

1. lioele secret pore rich balm
2. lioele shimmer pearl base
3. lioele triple solution B.Bcream
4. lioele Help me darkcircle concealer
5. Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact
6.lioele mix eyebrow cake
7. lioele color eyeshadow
8. lioele dollish eyeshadow triple
9. lioele gel eyeliner
10. lioele dollish eyeliner glitter
11. lioele false eyelash
12. lioele waterproof up & down mascara
13. Lioele Jewel Cheek and Highlighter
14. lioele jewel mix shading
15. lioele magic lip treatment
16. lioele bubibubi tint balm
17. lioele lip gloss

So girls, what's on your mind?


  1. New follower~ :'D

    I love you and your friend's make up after~ >u<
    After this, which Lioele products would you recommend? o:

    1. kk
      is the before makeup too bad?
      Really Recomended the Magic lip treatment!
      The jewel check & highlighter and jewel mix shadding are good too ^^

  2. false eyelash yg km pakai dikasi ke kamu ga???
    atau kamu beli dulu yg pakai voucher 100rbnya??

    1. egx T^T
      yg vouchernya buat repurchased magic lip treatmentnya :D


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