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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Let Me Introduce You, This is My Hair!

Holla~ Holla~
Today i want to share about my hair
sorry if i post too many random photo of me, please just look at my hair and ignore my face lol
Like some of you know, this is my "very old" hair style.

Straight, Long and with Front Bang

Every people who met me in the salon always said like "Your hair so amazing"
But actually my hair is too limp, making it very difficult to be styling,
and long straight hair like this, make me look like using a wig.
That's why i'm addicted with curly hairstyle.
I always curly my hair before attend to an event.

Actually i really want to have a really short hair.
I do some trick to make my hair short like this :3

Short - Side Bang

Short - Front Bang

My friends (who never see i change my hairstyle) said that i look so fresh 
and this hair style very suitable to me.
but i still have no guts to cut my hair  ><
I also never go to everywhere with no bang like this (make me not confidence :p)

No bang - straight 

 No Bang - Curly

Because 2014 will coming soon, i decide to change my hair style 
(after almost 7 years with layer style) ><
So this is my hair before and after cut :3

The bottom of my hair has damaged, then i change the cutting style become vertical straight like that.
I almost cut it for arround 15 cm D:
My first time doing short cut (for me xD)

Which the best hair style that suitable for me?
With or Without Bang?
Long or Short?
Straight or Curly?

Go to my hair poblem.
My Hair type is combination, it's can be normal but sometime it will be so oily suddenly.
Big problem come when a lot of dandruff appear on my hair.
My mom always said like "Don't always change your shampoo!"
But honestly, i'm so rarely to change my shampoo.
First time i use pantene, it's work.
But after almost 3 months, dandruff will come again.
I decide to still not change for almost one month and it's not work.
The dandruff become a lot!
So i change my shampoo to loreal.
Slowly but sure, the dandruff was dissapear, but after almost 2 months my hair become soooo oily.
Then what should i do now ><
I change to anti-dandruff shampoo, but my hair become "wire" =="

Anyone have some problem like me?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tony Moly Prestige Super-Proof Eyeliner

Yeah! Another try to Tony Moly product.
Nowaday, I'm being addicted with some Tony Moly products.
Then when i passed on their store, BUY 1 GET 1 banner promotion catch my eyes.
So I come to the store.

Some product are nice and make me want to buy it.
But lucky me, I still can hold myself. LOL
and then my eyes going to the eyeliner.
Since my eyeliner was running out, finally I bought this.

This is Tony Moly Prestige Super-Proof Eyeliner.
Look at the packaging
Tony Moly really has a super simple packaging. But their simple packaging make this eyeliner look so luxurious. And this is really caught my eyes first.

This eyeliner bottle size is only arround 5 cm height.

What i like is the eyeliner has solid color which can dry easily.
But i'm not recomended you who took a long time for draw an eyeliner on your eyes.
why? because before you finish drawing, the eyeliner will dries ASAP.

Look at the brush. The eyeliner almost dry in there.

This is when i try to rub it with and without makeup remover.

When I rub, the eyeliner flake become too much and this is make
my eyes red everytime I remove the eyeliner.

The best of this eyeliner is long lasting!
This eyeline flake not falling into the eyes if you don't touch/rub it.

Tony Moly Prestige Super-Proof Eyeliner brush really thin, so it help you to draw wings beautifully.

Be Popular with B-Blog! [INDONESIAN]

Hai~ Hai~
Karena di post ini cuma bisa buat yang tinggal di Indonesia, jadi postingannya ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia ya :D

Apa itu B Blog?
Akhir-akhir ini banyak blogger yang ramai memposting tentang B Blog.

Sebenernya apa sih B Blog itu?
B-Blog adalah sebuah layanan terbatas untuk anggota, supaya bisa merasakan pengalaman menarik saat menyebarkan sebuah informasi melalui blognya.

(click for enlarge)

Gimana caranya?
Caranya gampang banget.
Tinggal klik link ini yang nantinya akan keluar tampilan seperti di bawah ini

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Isi data yang lengkap sesuai dengan permintaan form tersebut.
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Kemudian isi profil kamu secara lengkap.

Langkah-langkah apa yang harus dilakukan?

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Apa Keuntungannya?
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Jadi tunggu apa lagi?
Ayo ikutan gabung!

Apakah kamu juga tertarik untuk berpartisipasi dalam B Blog seperti saya?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Etude House Banana Milk Talk

Are you in bad mood now?
You should take a bath soon with this mood booster!
Etude Houde Banana Milk Talk will make your day fun!
Actually this is my sister's soap, she give it to me when we are going to have some holiday :p

And i forgot to take the soap picture ;_;
so i search it on google and i found this picture
 (credit as write on the picture)

This is very recomended for you who love sweet fragrance to use this soap.
And then you can use this sponge too for a better use :D

Welcoming Christmas with Etude House Fresh Cherry Liptint

Finally it's only one month for christmas.
I'm just too excited for waiting \(^o^)/

Anyway, for welcome the christmas, I want share about my daily liptint.
It's about Etude House Fresh Cherry Liptint
This liptint come with 4 varians, it's:
01 Cherry Red
 02 Cherry Pink
03 Cherry Peach
04. Cherry Hot Pink

I choose the cherry hot pink because 
the pink color catch my eyes first.

Now let's check the packaging first.








swatch on my hand

And then this is when i apply on my lips :3
It's more like a soft pink ><
Anyway, this liptint has a nice smell and "taste" =))
really like a bubble gum!
But what i don't like is this liptint not long lasting ><
After more than 3 hours, it will be dissapear from lips.
So you must re-apply it more than one for a nice result.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Let's be Fresh with Bouncia Soap!

I almost forget that I have fill the form about Bouncia Soap sample.
And then, today (early in the morning) the package
 arrived safety at my boarding house.
The servant said that the package already arrived
yesterday on my boarding house owner.
At first, I think it's another gift from my boyfriend
(because today is our anniversary :p)
And then I suddenly remember, this is from Cow Brand.
So today i want to review this body soap, it's  
Bouncia Body Soap 550ml from Cow Brand.

Let's check the packaging first.
This is the bottle.


Front (after i turn the bottle cap)



They put the sticker about how to use, warning and ingredients in bahasa.

I like how they design the packaging. It's really comfortable 
to hold although your hand was wet.

This is how the texture of the soap look.

The soap really liquid. But when you put it on shower puff, 
you will find the soap texture change like a whipped cream :3
It has a nice smell. I really love everything that has milk smell.
And this soap has that kind of smell and also some kind of flower fragrance.

Except the fragrance, what i like from this soap is the soap can make 
my dry skin become moist in half day long.
It's will be my mood booster every time i'm taking a bath :p

If you interested with Bouncia Body Soap you can visit
Facebook Fan Page: COWSTYLEID 
Twitter Account: @COWSTYLEID 
Official Website: www.cow-style.co.id

Thank for read my review and Happy Sunday!!

The Brochure :p

Saturday, October 12, 2013

[DIY] Put Your Accessories in Here!

Hello everyone!
Today i want to share How to Make an Accessories Storage.
I make this by myself because i'm being inspired with one of creative youtuber.
And let's started!

First, you must have
  3 wide plates. I choose the fruit plate here.

 2 standing glasses. Juice glasses is okay. You can choose other glasses
 which can hold the plate strongly.

any decorating items

And Glue Gun.
You can choose your own plates and glass. Not using glasses are okay. All up to you :3
you can choose from aluminium/plastic/melamine or any others. The important notes is you must choose the flat bottom plate.

After you have all of the material, you can start to decorating the glasses first.

after finish, start to stick the glasses with the plate like this.

Do it same with others until it's being like this

And then~

This is the final result!
So easy right? xD
You can use the rotation too, so the storage can turn arround easily.
I don't use it because i can't find the rotation in here T_T

For your information, i don't buy these items.
The plates and glasses are gifts from my church event.
And the decoration item is my college equipment.

I don't suggested you to buy.
But you can started to look around at your house and grab the unused one :p