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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I bought this bb cream!
After my etude house SPF 50 was running out, i decided to bought
Anyway, if u have seen my wishlist, you can see this bb cream on my list. kk

so this is the packaging!

Sorry for offer light x_x

There is a blackberry barcode on their packaging.

This is the bb cream packaging


Lioele use PUMP type for make bb cream more hygienic :D

I try to apply it on my hand.

This is when i swatch the bb cream.

As you can see, I use the bb cream on my left hand (below).
Different with my right hand, lioele triple solution bb cream make a perfect coverage.
When first you using it , the bb cream will look not blend with your face.
But dont worry, just pat your face gently.
And it will give a perfect coverage for all day long!

Anyway, I'm really recomended for oilly face!
This bb cream can keep your face from oil :D
Let's try!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TIPS : All about BB cream [Part 1]

BB Cream being more popular this time, many people are confused what the function of BB Cream exactly. One of the faq is, "What is the difference between BB Cream and Foundation?" Well, if you have this question in your mind, you're not alone dear. Let us distinguish between BB Cream!

What is BB Cream?
BB stand for Blemish Balm or you can called it Beauty Balm. For me, BB Cream is all-in-one product. In one product of bb cream, you can get moisturizer, foundation, skin care and also UV protection. This time, we prefer to using products are practical, easy and fast. And for me, bb cream really a simple way to use.

From where BB Cream come from?
Some people think that bb cream come from Korea. Korea really make bb cream become more popular because their hallyu wave of course. Smooth skin, healthy, bright and become famous and loved by many people today because of South Korean artists that have nearly perfect skin, but actually the BB Cream are from Germany.Discovered by a dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek that creates an ointment for patients who have been through by plastic surgery.

Why we choose BB Cream?
Using moisturizer, Menggunakan pelembap, skin care products, primer, sunscreen, and foundation will definitely take a longer time than just using one product alone. If we can get more advantage and protection from only one bottle, why not? Besides saving more time it's also save our money too, right? kk

We can also find many types of BB Cream. Whether you want matte or slightly sparkling result, you can find a BB Cream that according with your choice. You want a high SPF? Or just want a low SPF? Everything is available. In fact, if you want there are certain materials that you want, such as anti-aging or hydration, you can find a suitable BB Cream.
FYI, BB cream not available for full coverage like foundation, but for using day by day it's better.

Next read to Part 2 :D

Friday, January 18, 2013

TIPS : How to spray perfume in the right way.

Hey dear~!
I'm back with a new tips again ^_^
And it's about perfume again :p
So, how to spray perfume so that it's can be long lasting on our body?
Let's read below.

First, spray your perfume at your wrist. Spray the perfume on the two part of your hand, 
but don't rub them after spraying perfume. Because it will only make the smell of perfume dissapear.

Second, spray a little on the neck unless you want to make extremely sharp aroma.

Third, spray a little perfume to the end of your forefinger and dab it on the back of your ear.

Fourth, between Chest. Just spray a little on this section, same as when you do it in the neck.

Fifth, rear Knee. Because perfume will respond better in a warm area, back of the knee is an ideal location for keeping your perfume long lasting.

Oke dear~
It's all about perfume tips today.
Hope it will be useful for you all ^^~

Monday, January 7, 2013

TIPS : How To Make Your Perfume Long Lasting

Perfumed is a must item for boys and girls usually. But what should we do, if our parfume just long lasting when first bought? I have some tips which i get from many source.
I've try this, and it's work! :D

Put perfume in the car or on the dresser was not the right choice. There are several things that can damage the contents of perfume making the fragrance reduced or changed the color .

1. The content of perfume is very sensitive to heat. Temperature's change and sunlight's exposure can make concentration fragrances in perfume is reduced.

2. Some people believe, the refrigerator is the best place to save the perfume for a stable temperature. But according to the Fragrance Foundation, a global organization engaged in the perfume industry, actually this is not the right way. Perfume should not be kept in temperatures that are too hot or cold because it can disturb the balance. Moreover, the process of removing and storing perfume back into the refrigerator temperature changes cause fluctuations that can damage the content of perfume. Only a cologne that may be stored in the refrigerator.

3. Put perfume in the car or on the dresser that exposure to light is also not a good option. Besides heat, the enemies of perfume is direct sunlight. If you want your perfume last longer, you should avoid these places.

4. Moisture can also make perfume's life shorter. In addition, for those of you who frequently use a hot shower, the steam heats in bath room can trigger the oxidation and discoloration of the perfume. Therefore, avoid storing perfume in the bathroom and make sure you always closes the perfume's bottle after use.

5. Perfume should be stored in a closed drawer or cabinet. Try to keep the room temperature not too hot or cold. Perfume should always be stored in its original box, especially if you going to put it where the sun light exposure.

6. A transparent perfume bottle may be has shorter lived than the perfume with dark or opaque bottle. Opaque or dark glass helps to protect the perfume contents from light exposure and heat making it more durable.

7. Always try to buy a bottle of perfume that is smaller than a large. Because if you do not keep in a right way, the ingredient would be reduced asap.

Okee, this is all dear.
Hope it's will be work too on you :D
Wait for my next tips yaa~

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Routine Sleeping Pack

Like my promise before, I'll share my daily sleeping pack :p
It's come from Etude House Brand (again) kk
This sleeping pack has 3 type. It's Keratin & brightening, Moisturizing & 
Firming, Pore & Sebum Control.
I bought the brightening one.
Let's see the packaging.

This sleeping pack texture really creamy.
You can see it in my hand.

Sorry for a different lightening x_x
I take this picture with flash.

As you can see.
It's really keep your face moist during sleep.
This sleeping pack has a nice smell too.
Like an aromatherapy before sleep :D
What I dont like is, my face really became oilly when i wake up in the morning.
But, because this function to keep moisture your face, i still can accept this.

So, what is your routine sleeping pack dear?
wanna tell me? :D

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013 \(^o^)/ + Barbie Eye Diamond Review

Before I post something, i'll say Happy New Year first for my readers ^^
Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope everything wanna be oke in this year.

This time I'll post about my new lens. 
Actually i'm ady use it for almost 1 month.
kk~ But I can't post it on december cause i'm being so busy in that month T^T
That month really be a tiring month for me x_x

Oke, let's soon :p
This is Barbie Eye Diamond Series!

Here is the description:
Color : Black
Diameter : 17.5 mm
Base Curve : 8.60 mm
Water Content : 42%
Made in : Japan

Sorry for bad quality picture D":


This is when i put the lens on my lensbox :D

And here is my selca with Barbie Eye's lens :p

Happy New Year Everyone! ^_^