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Monday, February 4, 2013

TIPS : All about BB cream [Part 2]

I come with the second part. Are you've read the part 1?
If not, let's see this link first :p

Some people believe about skin care treatment. But actually, bb cream is another benefit. It's will be good if you always doing routine skin care treatment.

How to use BB Cream?
BB Cream does contain skin care ingredients and also can moisturize the skin. But it's will be better if you use a moisturizer first before use the bb cream. Like what i said before, all of bb cream ingredients is just an additional benefits. So, make sure that your face is moist before apply the bb cream.

Let's use:
Moisturizer -> bb cream -> powder.
You can use your hand, sponge or brush for bb cream.

How to Choose a right BB Cream?
First, you must know what your skin's need. And then you must know what's your skin type. It's will be good if you can buy the sample first. So you can know how good the bb cream blend with your face.

For online shopper, make sure that the online shop has a nice reputation. Don't ever lazy to search information about the original and fake products.

I think it's enough.
Hope this tips can help you all guys :)