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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Couple of My Favourite Perfume

Hey Dear~
Already read my previous post about perfume right?
Many people ask me to doing a review about the couple that i talk.
It's Etude House Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Allover Spray

I don't get any box when i bought this ><
I love this perfume because it's more soft than my favourite perfume.
Actually it can't be mention as perfume because it's only allover spray.

The spray is multifunction.
Just like the name, Allover Spray.
We can use it for our body, clothes, shoes and also for our room!
Because i really love the baby smell, i finished this spray quickly.
I always use this everyday, for body, clothes and also my room

Actually I just hope that Etude house can have a perfume edition with the same fragrance,
so it will be more long lasting when I use it xD

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Favourite Perfume!


I think this is my first time to doing perfume review
This is My Favourite Perfume until this day!
It's Etude House Petit Bijou Eau De Toillete

This is the Box


Inside - Top
I Like The "Hug Me" words
Look so cute!


And this is the Bottle.
Really cute right?
It's only 30ml

Why i love this perfume?
Because it's have baby's smell!
If you follow my review, you will know that i'm being crazy about baby's smell.
Actually i use this with Etude House Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Allover Spray as the couple.
It's really my mood booster.
When i got stress, i like to smell this perfume.
make me happy asap!

So, do you have any favourite perfume too?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Have a Natural Lips with Tony Moly Magic Liptint

Holla dear~!
I'm back with a new post xD
Actually i just think that i dont have any time for 
blogging because of my college assignment ><
But i'm ady finished my mid test now.
So i have so many review which i'll to review xp

Today my review come from Tony Moly's brand.
It's Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint

 Actually it has 3 variants like strawberry, green apple and grape.
The staff told me that strawberry has a natural colour because it just give pink colour.
Green apple for more red lips and purple for very red lips.
So I decide to bought the clear one (strawberry).

Here is the lip tint.
Really like a Gel!

As you can see, this is the different when i use it on my little finger.
 In the bottom pic, you can see that my little finger become pink.

And fyi, Geum Jandi aka Goo Hye Sun
use this liptint when filming the Boys Before Flower!

So everyone who want to have some colour lips are required to try this lip tint!

So far i like this lip tint because it's long lasting.
It's still on my lips even i'm already eat.
that i don't like is just one.
Because it's not simple to use.
We must use our finger to apply this even we don't know
is our finger was clean or not.
And then this lip tint make my finger sticky too ><
So, for the alternative you can use lip brush for apply this.

I hope my review can help you ~
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Have a nice day dear!