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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello Kitty Flat Shoes

I'm a Mrs. Kitty B-)

Hello~ Hello~
Let's check my new shoes.


It's hello kitty <3

Bottom Look

Honestly, i'm not so satisfied with this shoes :(
Although it's a hello kitty ><
Why? Because I think that the hello kitty head should not like 3D (lol)
In my opinion, it's will be better if hello kitty's head are paint on that shoes than being 3D like that.
But i like the shoes material.
It's PU leather, and something like velvet for inside the shoes (red part).
So, it's make my feet feel so comfortable when i use it.
It's soft :D

I think it's all.
What do you think?
do you have some opinion?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Know more facts about me from Q&A

Without my knowing, I've get a lot of questions. It's come from social network, e-mail and also asked directly.
I just answer all of my readers and my friends questions until one of my friend said that i should try to write this Q&A collections in my blog.
So i try to write half of your questions!
P.s.: I hope you will not get bored when reading this :p

1. Who is the beauty blogger that inspired you a lot?
of course angel beautifymeeh! But nowadays, i started to like bubzbeauty too. :D

2. Is there other hobby beside being a blogger?
yaps! i love dance cover [although i know that i can't dance =))], i like writing korean theme novel too.

3. What's your favourite make up brand?

4. What's your favourite make up product?
It's too many. lol
But mostly i like liptint and bb cream.

5. Is your hair really straight? Or you do smoothing?
NO! it's really my original hair. Too straight >< Sometimes i want to curly my hair, but it's never long lasting -.-" (you can ask to my close friends for ask about my hair condition :p)

6. What's your favourite character?
I love Hello Kitty very very much! kk~ some of my friends called me Ms Kitty because i love to use all about hello kitty =D

7. What's thing that very important to you?
Handphone, laptop.

8. How do you deal with people judging you?
Just accepted their criticism, but not being give up. I'll always remember that Hater will Gonna be Hater. So, i don't think about their judge too much ><

9. Which style that you like? ulzzang or gyaru? why?
Of course ulzzang style! because they has a natural style but still make me being inspired :D

10. Is pink your favourite colour?
yuhuuu~ that's because i'm a hello kitty junkies. kk~ no no. i like white and some of pastel colours too :D

11. What kind of fashion that you like so much?
I am an outerholic! kk~ i love cardigan, coat, jacket and blazzer. And i love to wear short pants too xD

12. What's make you started to became a beauty blogger?
Actually, i've not yet to be a beauty blogger. I still learn. But i started to make a blog about fashion like this it's just because Indonesian Beauty Blogger :D

13. What's part of your body that you love so much?
Hair! But mostly some of my friends talk, they like my eyelid and chubby checks :p

14. Which you prefer? cute style or adult style?
of course i like cute style! kk

15. What's your college major?
Graphic design <3

16. Why you don't try to make vlog or review from video?
hmm~ i still not confidence for talk fluently in front of the camera. But i think make vlog look more interesting. hehe
And then, the editing part are so hard. Except i don't have many time, i don't have laptop with high spec too :D

17. What's on your music playlist?
it's 70% kpop, 20% jpop which sang by k-artist :p, and 10% k-artist international song! LOL

18. What's camera that usually you used to review?
I use Canon 550D

19. Do you have any wishlist?
Yeah!! and it's too many! lol (i'm a hedonisme TT)

20. Are you free everyday?
of course not TT it's hard to have a free time now :x And because of that i be rare writing ><
I must doing my assignments, doing my online shop business, writing novel, and of course writing on my blog.

21. Do you have a mood booster product?
Yeah yeah! That's All about Petit Bijou!!

22. What's your favourite fruit fragrance?
Chocolate <3 Gosh~ it's one of my mood booster too :p

23. Have you being bully because of your hobby?
hmm~ sometimes i feel that my friend like to do that. They keep bully me because i like all about korean and make a blog about beauty. But i think it's oke. They just to make it fun~ So, no problem! kk

24. What's make up that make you look "more"?
hmm~ i think it's eyeliner :p

25. Why you keep talking with english although your english so bad?
Because i like to practicing and make new friends. If i dont't use english in social network, so where i should practice?

i think it's enough now :p
I'll do a next part next time =D
So if you have any question, don't forget to asked me by twitter, e-mail or facebook.
Bye! ^_^

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Lip Treatment from Lioele

It's weekend time!
How do you spend your weekend time dear?
If you get bored because can't do something, let's read my post! :p

You have a dark lips?
you can try this treatment for make your lips being pink naturally :D
It's Lioele Magic Lip Treatment

Here is the packaging

 It's contain with vitamin C which can help to make your dark lips become shining pink naturally.
And the colour can change according to our body temperature :3
(sounds cool) kk
But, this magic lip cream has a little bit bitter taste ><
I don't like it.

And this is how the cream look.

Actually i use this every night.
And sometimes i apply this first before using other liptint/lipstick :D
This is really recomemended! <3

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Fashion Bag :p

ohh noo!
I'm hedon ><

This review come from Fascino's product!
It's a fashion bag :D

It has 3 different colour, there is beige, pink and green.
And if you are my true reader, you will know that i'm a pinky holic!
then i bought a pink one :D

Here is the original picture!

When you pull the strap, it's will become long like this :D

The bag's height is 20cm, and it has 8cm for the width.
I like the key of the bag.

Like what you see, it's really unique model :D
This is the inside of the bag!

Honestly, i dont like the center of the bag (because for me, it just made 
increasingly narrow space in the bag). 

Which do you like from the bag?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lovely Korean Shoes ^_^

Back from a new haul from Juicy Corner!

Item number: QZ-JE7196

Color: white, black, pink
Upper material: PU
Sole Material: rubber
Heel height: 5cm

After think hard (because i like white too >< ), 
finally I decided to bought the pink one!
here is the original picture when my shoes arrived :D

Isn't it so cute?? ><
I really love this shoes!

It's the detail when i use it :D

 What do you think about this? :D