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Friday, June 14, 2013

Cool White Korean Sneaker

Finally i can review this shoes =))
This is one of my old shoes.
I take this picture when i get this shoes first time :3
This is a cool korean sneaker which i get from Yutakana pre order first <3

Detail of the Shoes

Anyway, this is the real picture

Material: leather / PU
Cortical features: soft dough
Sole Material: QianCengDe
Opening depth: shallow mouth (7cm below)
Heel height: 5CM
Closed mode: sets of foot
Color Category: Black White
Weight: 900 gram

Everyone who know me and love kpop always scream 
when see i use this shoes. kk
I love it because it's really comfortable to use  <3
It's very light and soft when used.
Anyway, i wear this shoes only when i'm doing my dance cover with my friends in university =))
Still never use it for hang out.
And then, this shoes really can make me look tall and also very light.
really love it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Doing My Boy's Friend Makeup!

I really want to laugh so loud when doing this =))
anyway this is not my first time to doing makeup for male.
I have ever do it for my boyfriend first!
But unfortunately it's totally failed ><
I just doing his makeup like a girl =))
Then after learn, my friend volunteered to be my model :p
So this is before he use anything on his face

And then, i apply:
1. Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream
2. Tony Moly Concealer #1 Light Beige
2. Etude House Eye Primer
3. VOV Ballon Check #2 Bebe Light
4. Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker
5. Lancome Le Crayon Khol Noir
6. MAC Eyeshadow (black)
7. Etude house Color Me Nude

So, taraaaa...!!
This is the result..

He don't want me to take his picture, so i just get this candid one o.O
Sorry, i can't get the original picture from front (because he don't want to give me the original one) 
And I get this editing one from his display picture ><

Can you guys help me to give a suggestion?
Anyway, i want to learn about guy's make up more. 
But who would be the next volunteer? lol 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pinky Star K-POP Nail Polish

I bring a new polish which i buy from Tony Moly store.
It's Tonymoly Nail Lacquer Glitter
I bought GS10 type.
Just see the bottle and the color!

 From top, we can see an embossed from Tony Moly merk.

and also in side of the bottle cap.

 In the bottom of the bottle, it has something like production's code there.

 I just interested when first time i see the colour. It's look like so cute.
Then i try to use that nail polish without use any base.
And this is how it's look!

Sorry for untidy result ><
Anyway, i'm apply the nail polish 3 times and it still look transparent.
But you can use any base before use this nail polish ^^

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome June! + Talk about My Other Hobby

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to talk about my other hobby.
Honestly i like all about photography.
Being a model and a photographer have a nice sensation for me <3
I'm not the expert, but i like to learn and I never get bored doing something new with a camera.
This is some picture that i've took. I also editting the photo too. It's like one box for me (lol)

Beside things, i also like doing a photo session with my friend as my model.
Like this

For me myself, i really have so much fun with Model Photography.
Because i can get interacted with them first :D
And because of my hobby, i always called to be an emergency photographer.
I've being asked to be a photographer in my cousin's wedding, 
my nephew's bday and then in some church event too =))
I'm always like to be called like this, but honestly i'm not confidence with the photo that i took.
Just scared that my photo not according to their expectations.
Maybe for me, it's will look good. But i don't know how in others eye, 
because if i ask they just said like "cool", "nice", "awesome", etc. No criticisms or suggestions.
I think it's just make me not progressing =="

You can check my other blog tto see all about my art & design things :D
Thx for reading!
Have a nice June and see you in my next post! :D