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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Time Using Kajal Eyeliner

Kajal Eyeliner.
What do you think first when see that words?
For me kajal eyeliner is a kind of eyeliner which is lil hard for use.
But this time, i challenge myself again to use it.
Actually this is my mom's eyeliner xp
It's Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner.
let's see.

Type: Carbon Black 17473

The eyeliner packaging more like lipstick packaging =))

This is how it look on my eyes.
it's my very first time to using kajal eyeliner type. So this is the result

So messy right?
it's little hard to make that eyeliner look good on my eyes.
I prefer choose pencil eyeliner than kajal eyeline xD

Friday, July 19, 2013

POTD: No review so i post this ( ^o^)v

Holla~ Holla~
Hmm.. Actually I don't have anything to post so I decide to post about my today look.
And this is me today ^^

Anyway, I just put baby powder, oriflame very me eyeliner, etude house aloha v for shading and also tony moly liptint

Anyway, check all my review about these products in my old post :p
Thx for reading!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Everyday Simple Hair

Have you read my post before?
I make some change with my 
little sister hair.
And then now, I want to make the 
tutorial for you ^^
Anyway I got this idea from bubz my beautyguru :3
But I had change the step a bit, so here is the tutorial from my version.

1. Take your hair from ear to ear
2. Twist it from the left to your right head. Keep your twist hair with 1 or more bobby pin
3. Do it same to your another hair
4. You can keep your hair with the first twist or you can keep it self
5. Take your last twist
6. Grab all of your twist hair and then use a hair band to keep it all nicely

So taraaaaa~
This is how it look :3

Anyway, Happy Saturday Night! 
♥♥ ^_^

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Challenge to Make Over My Little Sista

Holiday it's over!

That's a sentence from 2 of my sisters.
Anyway, I have 2 little sisters who is really different.
The different what I mean here is the one who look like a princess (she is really famous on her school!) And the one who is really tomboy (she is a national chess athlete ><).

My sister (the tomboy one) a bit worried because she will enter to the same high school with my first sister (the princess one).
She told me to teach her how to has natural look with everyday makeup.
Fyi, she never want to put any makeup except baby powder in her face.
And honestly, when I heard she asked that to me, I'm really happy. Because I want she being more care with her face (since she is too cool and not really care with her face).
And then, here is the result

I just put bb cream, powder, liptint and a thin line of eyeliner.
She is not using any softlens and her eyelid didn't look clear. So I think to not used a thick eyeliner will make her makeup being more natural and could make her eyes look "alive" (lol).
I said that don't use eyeliner for school and just use eyeliner when going out with her friends or with our family.
Glad that she listened so well lol

Anyway it is her self camera 
after makeup :D

Oh ya..
I do her hairstyle too
And she love it! Kk~

(Left: without flash, Right: with flash)

Oke girls..
This is all.
Really need criticsm and advice! :D
Thx for reading!♥

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finally!! I'm a part of ...

In July 2nd, i receive an email from IBB staff. After a long time waiting, they told me a happy news!
Finally i got my list in IBB and of course their logo too~

For you who don't know what is IBB,
Indonesian Beauty Blogger aka IBB is a community for us as a beauty blogger for exchanging some information (about beauty of course).

I'm so happy could fine this community, because i have many friends who have same passion with me. Some of blogger's senior also like to give me tips and help me to have a better beauty blog :3 (thx to them).

I hope i'll be more diligently writing on my blog and also got more active readers ♥
Anyway, thanks for everyone who help me to make a good blog!

Monday, July 1, 2013

GEO Xtra Flower Series

I'm in holiday now.
And i'm back with my new lens ;;)
Here is Geo Flower SunFlower Brown Lens WFL-A24 :D

Inside The Box~

This is the softlens look :D

Color : Brown
Diameter : 15 mm
Base Curve : 8.70 mm
Water Content : 42%
Made in : Korea

This is how the softlens look in my eyes :D

Honestly, i'm not really sure about this lens.
Is it the real one or the fake one ><
Because i not found Geo Sticker in their bottle D:
So i'm not sure about this lens.

Anyone know how to know where is the real one and where is the fake one?