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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Challenge to Make Over My Little Sista

Holiday it's over!

That's a sentence from 2 of my sisters.
Anyway, I have 2 little sisters who is really different.
The different what I mean here is the one who look like a princess (she is really famous on her school!) And the one who is really tomboy (she is a national chess athlete ><).

My sister (the tomboy one) a bit worried because she will enter to the same high school with my first sister (the princess one).
She told me to teach her how to has natural look with everyday makeup.
Fyi, she never want to put any makeup except baby powder in her face.
And honestly, when I heard she asked that to me, I'm really happy. Because I want she being more care with her face (since she is too cool and not really care with her face).
And then, here is the result

I just put bb cream, powder, liptint and a thin line of eyeliner.
She is not using any softlens and her eyelid didn't look clear. So I think to not used a thick eyeliner will make her makeup being more natural and could make her eyes look "alive" (lol).
I said that don't use eyeliner for school and just use eyeliner when going out with her friends or with our family.
Glad that she listened so well lol

Anyway it is her self camera 
after makeup :D

Oh ya..
I do her hairstyle too
And she love it! Kk~

(Left: without flash, Right: with flash)

Oke girls..
This is all.
Really need criticsm and advice! :D
Thx for reading!♥


  1. Woah! The hair is so cool!
    And your little sis chubby cheek is 100% SAME with you haha so cute XD
    Anyway, can't wait for the hair tutorial! :D

    1. Kk~
      So that we are 100% real sister =))
      Thx 4 reading airin :3


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