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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Waa~ waa~
I'm so excited with make up challenge this time. Why?
Because the theme is kpop!
I'm really addicted with everything about south korea. So I try to join this month make up challenge when south korea independence day :p
And the prize really give a spirit for me to join this competition.

Click for more information

Look! That is really an amaizing prize from Lioele Cosmetics Indonesia as their sponshored.

So this time, i choose Seohyun's make up from I Got A Boy.
Here is the result after make over :p

Sorry if too much different ><
Anyway, this is the list of what i used from first:
1. LIOELE Triple Solution BB Cream
2. TONYMOLY Luminous Perfume Face Powder
3. ETUDE HOUSE Aloha V line slimmer
4. ETUDE HOUSE Easy Brow Pencil
5. SILKY GIRL Long Wearing Eyeliner
6. ETUDE HOUSE Styling Liner (white)
7. DOLLY WINK Eye Lashes no 14 & 11
8. HOLIKA Magic Pole Mascara
9. ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips (PK006)
10. LIOELE Magic Lip Treatment

okayy, this is what i do for my make up challenge.
And don't forget to give me criticisms and suggestions ^^
Enjoy your day!

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Some of my picture when i still use this make up :D

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to school with TONYMOLY LUMINIOUS Perfume Face Powder

Hello dear!
So how was your holiday?
Hope there is a happiness!
But the holiday will be end soon :(
Today i'll give a review about a face powder from tonymoly. It's called "Luminious Perfume Face Powder"
This is one of my makeup haul from my holiday :p

Oka, let's check the packaging first.

The packaging was unique, because the box like a glass. It's make the powder like an exclusive and also lux.

how about the primer packaging?
The concept is not too different with the secunder one.
The primer packaging was so strong. So i'm sure that it will keep this powder perfectly when you put it on your bag.

What i like from this powder is the perfume of course. I love it's fragrance. Maybe i can said it like a baby fragrance.
And then the primer packaging too.
Since it has so many hole, we can controlled the powder so it will not too much out when we use it.

Let's take a look when i use it on my hand.

Can you see the different?
Actually the powder has a shimmer too.
But it not much.

do you want to try it? :D

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY: Let's Remake Your Old Pants!

I have nothing to do in my holiday time D:
And suddenly my mom and my dad said that we will have a vacation.
Wow! It's like so "yippie"
But i just realize a little problem.
Since it is holiday, i'm back to my home without bring more good pants for go D:
(I leave it in my boarding house)
Actually i always use some of my pants or doing use-barter with my sista. Haha
Then i realize that I still have a very very old model long pants (I use this for 6-7 years ago)
But I still can wear it perfectly :p

This pants is a trend before (lol)

Then I cut it, so that it will be a modern short pants now :p

And then I sew the bottom part with this type. Since the pants is white, I use white yarn too. So it's become like this

It's not to visible if we don't really pay attenttion :p
Since i'm not a tailor, I think it's oke if my sewing not too good (lol)

And then here is when I use this ^^

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Make Up Remover from Maybelline

Holla~ holla~!
How was your summer holiday girls?
Hope it will be fun! :D
Today i'll post about make up remover which come from Maybelline's brand.
Here is the product

It's claim that maybelline can removes all waterproof make up efficiently.
So i test this remover on my hand.
Line in my hand from above to bottom are eyeliner, mascara (waterproof) and eyebrow pencil.

1. This is before i use the remover
2. Swipe it one
3. Swipe it for the second time
4. Swipe it again (finally it clear)

Anyway, this is the cotton before i use to swipe my hand. You should shake well before use.

And this is the cotton after i clean my hand

Actually the remover is an oily type. It's different with my before remover.
And then, this remover don't has a hard fragrance.
It's smell not bad but it's not good too.

This is my today review.
Have a nice holiday!
Happy Summer ^^