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Thursday, January 23, 2014

2in1 Panasonic Compact Multi Straighteneer from Softex

Oke guys!
So i was trying to join Hellosasyachi pantyliner design contest ~
(Here is the link)
I was interested to join this design contest because i love hello kitty (so much)!
Beside that, i was trying to test my skill since i am a visual communication student.
Then taraaaa~
I got message from sasyachi that i win in second place.
So this is the prize from softex ><

Hello Kitty Softex Package

2in1 Panasonic Compact Multi Straighteneer

Thanks Softex!
This is so amazing!

Anyway, this is my pantyliner design that make me lucky~


Don' forget to follow their Twitter:

or visit their super cute web:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My First Softlens from Japansoftlens

Hello~ Hello~
Actually this is my first post in 2014 ><
Happy Superlate New Year Everyone!

This is my first softlens from JapanSoftlens ~
Ageha Caramel Brown 16mm

Color : Caramel Brown
Diameter : 16 mm
Base Curve : 8.9 mm
Water Content : 42%
Made in : Japan

This softlens very soft and light at my eyes.
It's like you not use softlens.
I was use this softlens for almost 8 hours (because my college life,
i can't go home before at least 8 hours ><)
I always lazy to bring softlens box or softlens water.
But this softlens really can use for almost 8 hours without make my eyes become red or hurt.
It's always like i'm not use anything in my eyes~

Some of my friends said that i look more dolly too because i use this softlens :3

This is how this softlens look in my eyes.
(with different light and no flash)

Do you interested?
Just click here if you want to buy this softlens too ^^

You will get special discount only if you order from the link above.
What discount? it's free shipping charge uo to IDR 15
And also you got Shoping Point 5%

Beside that, They will give you a free super cute souvenir like this~

Buy 2 Ageha free 1 Lipgloss with IDR 98
Buy 3 Ageha free 4Minute Eyelash with IDR 148
Buy 5 Ageha free 1 Kara Eyelash with IDR 168 (include glue + vitamin eyelash)

That's so amaizing right?
Let's being prettier with Japansoftlens! ^_^