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Monday, September 28, 2015

Bought 3 version of Mentholatum Beauty Mask

Good Evening Dear!
Feel so tired and a bit stress after work?
If yes, I think that we need refreshing soon :p
Since it's time for weekend, I want to have an instant relaxing that we can do at home.
So, I tried out the Mentholatum Beauty Mask.
tbh, I'm not a big fans of using mask.
I usually only had my daily skincare after work.

I bought 3 version of  Beauty Mask.

First is Mentholatum Beauty Mask Youthful Looking

And then Mentholatum Beauty Mask Collagen Firming
 Last is Mentholatum Beauty Mask Double Whitening

Actually Mentholatum Beauty Mask had 5 version include 
Pore Refining (green), and Lift Moisture (blue)
source: gadzotica

These mask smell so good and they claim that it's Paraben Free.
Mentholatum Beauty Mask had a super thick essence,
and strong alcohol too!

I got 2 sheet of mask pcs mask in one sachet
Feel so fresh when using this mask ><

How to use?
First, make sure that your face is clean.
Better to wash your face before using this mask.
And then unwrap mask, unfold, and fit over face, 
pressing down onto skin so that the damp mask sheet adheres to skin. 
I leave on for arround 30 minutes.
After that, remove your mask sheet and pat/massage your face.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Red Lipstick? You Should Try This!

Hello my dear!
So my review today is about 
Emina Creme de la Creme Charlotte's Red
Actually this is my first time to try Red Lipstick because 
I liked to used soft pink/peach/orange colours 
for my lipstick/liptint/lipgloss. Never try Red Lipstick and also 
Nude Lipstick (I should try Nude colour too someday xD)
Anyway this cute branding and packaging from 
Emina is success to make me interested.

My first impression for Emina is 
"Oh this is Indonesian version of Etude House"
As you guys know, Etude House is my best favourite makeup :P
That's why i'm really excited about Emina. 
FYI, Emina is a brand from Indonesia. 
As same as Wardah and also Make Over.

Okay, let's back to topic.
So this is a cute Packaging from Emina Creme de la Creme
It has a cute mirror in top of this packaging.
Tbh, I don't get this function because it is not a real mirror :"D
Just an aluminium foil I think.
What I don't like is the packaging can't sealed so well,
so it can open easily when I put on my pouch ><
That's really a minus point because it make my pouch dirty.

Now, let's see how it looks
For daily use, I like to use 1 stroke at the center on my lips, and then I blend it.
This lipstick is very pigmented and creamy!
1 full swatch can make your lips very red.
But you can swatch 2 times for a super strong red.
This lipstick is long lasting even if you drink or eat and not sticky too.
Emina claims Creme de la Creme is a super creamy lipstick 
and contains with jojoba oil and squlene to prevent dryness. 
This lipstick available in 6 colors 
(Mandy's Pink, Emily's Pink, Chloe's Fuchsia, Emma's Nude, 
Sophie's Orange and Charlotte's Red).

For me, this lipstick is very worthed it because their price is also afdorabble.
Anyone had try Emina's Creme de la Creme Lipstick?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mizzu Perfect Wear Eyeliner Brown

Have you read my previous post about my daily eyeliner?
Like what I said before, today i'll review about Mizzu Perfect Wear Eyeliner Brown Colour.
Let's take a look at the packaging first.
Actually this packaging as same as Mizzu Perfect Wear Eyeliner Black old packaging.
Nothing different too with it pen.
Like Spidol xD
If I said the black colour wasn't really pigmented, this brown colour more not pigmented.
For me it is like too much water in their tint.
I swatched for more than 5x and what I get is only like this :(
Actually using this is more difficult than using liquid eyeliner.
So I don't think that I would repurchased like the black one before.
Anyway this is how it looks on my eyes.
As you can see, one swatch is not enough ><
I need at least 3x swatch for make the colour out well.
So I think I definitely don't want to repurchased this product like 
I repurchased my Mizzu Perfect Wear Black :"D

How about you guys? 
Anyone have try Mizzu Perfect Wear Brown?

Monday, September 14, 2015

My New Makeup Remover from Silky Girl

Hello dear!
So today I want to review about my makeup remover from Silky Girl
It's Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover
Actually I never try this kind of remover.
It's more like cleansing milk I think.
Tbh I think this remover as same as my daily remover xD

This smell so good! Sweet & Refreshing.
Actually my precious remover never had any fragrance.
And Oil Free too.

Let's see how this remover could remove my eyeshadow
I only need 1 drop to remove my eyeshadow (in pic)
And then, 2 gently wipe can remove my eyeshadow and make it clean.
I loved how this product can make my skin soft and alsmoisturizing.

Overall, this product is nice to try.
Because it clean so well and big point for their fresh fragrance!
So refreshing when you use this after daily activities that made you tired xD
So, what's your favourite makeup remover?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

NEW POST AFTER HIATUS! My Everyday Eyeliner

Hello my pretty readers!
So this is my first review in this year and also
after my 1 year hiatus :"D
Anyway, today I'll review about my everyday eyeliner.
It's Mizzu Perfect Liner!
I'm sure that some of you will be familiar with this product.
And i'm decided to using this eyeliner after read 
many good review from other beauty blogger.
This is a local product from Indonesia.
Look at the packaging

Actually this is an old packaging.
Their new packaging is like

Mizzu eyeliner is an Indonesia's brand.
I'm using mizzu eyeliner for almost 1 year
and really fall in love with this eyeliner.
This is my 3rd time xD
Look at the brush
it's look like soft spidol for me

i loved this eyeliner because not give me a panda eyes after few hours,
and then i can make cat eyes style easily. It also waterproof!
Super long lasting.

After: 2x rub with makeup remover

What I don't like from this eyeliner is only the colour.
Mizzu's colour not strong like other eyeliner.
So you should swatched more than one to get a great colour.
But it's oke since it can be more long lasting if you swatched it more than 1x
And this pigmented more better than the Mizzu Perfect Liner Brown
(wait for my next review)

If you want to buy Mizzu Products,
you can visit their link here
Have a nice day dear!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Finally Back After Super Long Hiatus!!

Hello everyone!
Do you guys still remember me?
(I hope you will T^T)

So finally i finished my final project and internship \(^o^)/
And now i'm waiting for my graduation in this November.
Actually now i'm having my part time job as a web design & layouter
and also as fashion editor & layouter for online shop in different office.
Yes, i had 2 part time right now xD

I hope there is some fresh reviews for my readers,
and also I wish my english will getting better day by day.
You guys can help me to improve my english with comment below.

So yeah!
I'm starting to refresh my blog and hope you guys still
want to being my reader :")
Anyway I change my domain from www.cikey-kim.blogspot.com
to www.cikeykim.com \(^o^)/

Have a Nice Day everyone!
See you on my next post :D