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Monday, October 5, 2015

My Basic Eyeshadow from Mizzu

Hello everyone!
So today I have a review about my basic eyeshadow.
I bought 2 version of Mizzu Eyeshadow last month.
It's Smokey Charcoal and Natural Mocha.This palette had three-color-pastel shades and I recomended you who like to use eyeshadow everyday but don't want to had a strong look, this eyeshadow is the best choice because it's not too pigmented.
(right: smokey charcoal & left: natural mocha)

The packaging is simple and super handy.
Now let's take a look at the shade.
I need to swatched 2 times to get that look which you can see on my hand.
This is a glitter eyeshadow but it's not too glittery for everyday use.
Actually this eyeshadow had 4 other shade.

This eyeshadow could stay at least 4-5 hours without eyeprimer.
You can find this eyeshadow at their official website anyway.
Have a nice day! :)