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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Protect Your Skin with Nivea Body Serum

Hello Everyone!
So, nowadays I'm being addicted with using 
NIVEA Body Serum UV Extra Whitening and 
NIVEA Body Serum Night Whitening

To be honest, I'm no a big fan of using a kind of body lotion 
until I try these products. I think I'm being addicted now xD

What I love from these products:
It make my skin moist but didn't feel sticky for all day long.
Quite high SPF also could protect your skin from Sun & UV rays
Besides, this serum had a nice fragrance too.
Both of them had a different fragrance, 
I feel like the Extra Whitening had more fresh fragrance 
while the Night fragrance more soft.

The packaging is quite simple and also travel friendly.

This lotion also give me a whitening effect for 
arround a month with constant use.

If you guys still looking for whitening body serum,
this two NIVEA Body Serum really good to be your choice.

Have a nice day! ^^

Friday, November 20, 2015

SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm 01 Latte

(source: http://silkygirlindonesia.com)

Holla everyone!
Happy weekend~
Today I'm going to write about 
SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm.

As you know, this Lipcolor balm had 6 variant shades
(source: http://pusatkosmetik.com)

And my choice goes to number 01 Latte

It has a great colour for daily uses.
But I should swatch for more than 2 times to get 
that perfect colour xD
Because it's different with lipstick which is 
only 1 shade to make the colour out.
This lipcolor balm texture is creamy and a bit shimmery.

This pic is taken after 3x swatches.
So moistfull xD
It will be long lasting if you didn't drink or eat for a moment
But if you drink or eat, this lipcolor balm can last until 3-4 hours.

As the conclusion, this lipcolor balm is perfect for daily uses
because it will mositure your lips and 
keep your lips away from dryness.

Thanks for reading!
And have a nice day <3