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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Very First Micellar Water

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!
May GOD Bless you more in this monkey year <3

Today, I'm back to write about my first impression for Micellar Water.
Actually I'm not really interested to try any Micellar Water before, until I read someone wrote about Bioderma Sensibio. From then, I search about so many Micellar Water and my choice goes to Bioderma Hydrabio H2o

So basically Micellar Water is something between toner and cleanser which can removes makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin. And it claimed that we no need to wash again after use this.
This is such a great inovation for a lazy girl like me :p
Sometimes, I'll feel tired after going out all day long with my makeup on.
You know that feels when you want to arrives and sleep soon but you can't because you should removes your makeup first ;_;
Nah, this micellar water really help me a lot because it claims that we could use this product for removes our makeup without wash our face again after that.
Now let's take a look to my Bioderma Hydrabio first.
The bottle made with plastic.
Such a simple type and very transparent, so you could know inside the bottle.
The ingedients was written there too.
Anyway, I choose Bioderma Hydrabio among others because they said that it could help to reduces dehydrated skin. My skin face nowadays was so dry ><
So I think I need this to moisturises my face.
I used 3 cotton pad with 3 drop Bioderma Hydrabio at each of cotton pad.
This is how it looks for removing my daily makeup (bb cream, powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow)

I could said this micellar water removes all of my makeup easily except my mascara.
I take a long time to remove my waterproof mascara that until clean.
And then, I try to not washing my face again after using this at night.
And guest what, my face very moisturises in the morning and didn't get oily at all!
I couldn't stop amazed for the first time using this lol

I'm happy because I didn't choose a wrong Micellar Water for got a nice first impression :p
What made me sad is only the price beacuse it's not a cheap product.
But I still don't care as long as the result not made me dissapointed :D

So, anyone interested to try any Micellar Water too?

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