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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

At The End, I Bought This Booming Lipstick

I think almost every girl know this hits local lipstick.
It's Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte.
This lipstick so booming in here, in Indonesia.
At the first I didn't pay any attention to this lipstick even though many bloggers at Indonesian Beauty Blogger Facebook Group post about this lipstick.
Actually, when people talk about Purbasari, what's come in my mind is body scrub (because this brand is famous with their body scrub).

So, someday I just going to AEON Mall with my friends to had a dinner.
But suddenly I saw this Purbasari Stand was very crowded. I take a look and they all trying and buy this lipstick. Just like at the bazaar. And this made me started to take a look too :p

Then I'm going to Beauty & Health Counter at AEON Mall and find this lipstick.
I didn't want to try at the stand because seriously it's so crowded ><
I don't know is there any discount or what in that day.
I swatch the lipstick on my hand and amazed with the colors.
Since it's cheap (arround Rp 28000), I decided to bought number 82, 85, 88 and 89.
This is how the lipstick looks on my face.

Number 82 Mirah, burgundy colour.
Number 85 Safir, red-pink colour (almost fuschia).

Number 88 Amethyst, orange colour.
Number 89 Mirah, pink colour.

Although this lipstick is cheap, the quality of this matte lipstick is super awesome!
You know, it's long last for almost 12 hours on my lips. I drink and eat like usual but this lipstick can stay at my lips even though the colour is not as strong as the 1-3 first hours.
And thumbs up for this lipstick because it didn't stick at the glass/straw when I drink.

To be honest, I don't expect too much for this brand at the first, but wow, 
now I just can't stop amazed with this lipstick.

Anyway my favourite colour goes to number 89 (Jade) because it's look super sweet on my lips.
Plus, because my boyfriend said he loved to see me used this color too lol.

So, have you guys try this Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte too?
If not, you should try! :p

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  1. Aku sampai sekarang belum beli padahal udah pingin banget XDDD~



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