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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Running late? Use this liquid powder!

Holla~ Holla!
Suddenly May almost over ><
Time flies so fast right?

Today, I want to share about one of  my essentials make up in the morning.
Basically I like to woke up late :p #lazygirlalert
I just need 30 minutes to wake up before going to work.
(That feels when it's hard to wake up early T^T)
So because of that, I only need 5 minutes make up time before going to work.

And Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder help me a lot!

First let's see the packaging.

This is super handy because it's only 25ml.
(source: tokopedia)

Anyway, they have 4 type of colour:
#B4 Sand Beige - mine
#B5 Honey
#N1 Light
#N5 Natural

At the first I want a natural one, but I couldn't find it everywhere at that time,
so I decided to bought a sand beige one.
Glad that it still looks natural at my face.

Looks like an usual foundation right?
Actually it's so watery and it really feels like powder + water lol
you must now that feels to use powder when your face still wet right? 
Actually It feels weird at the first, but now I'm used to because it can blended so well .

I like to use this liquid powder before going to work.
Only needs 2-3 drops for a whole face.
It's so simple! And the good coverage too.
Anyway, this product has Mineral Perlite which claimed could absords the oil on the face 5x better than usual powder. And it's really work!
I use this for more than 8 hours a day (indoor), and I loved how this product could stay matte.
Anyone remembered my precious post about my current best cushion?
I can say this product 80% almost like that product :p (from coverage & hold oil)

And this is all my review for today!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day <3