Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog!
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About Me

Hey Dear!
I'm Cikey from Indonesia. After think for a long time, 
finally i create this blog.

I'll share my favorite cosmetic and also some review of it.

I just want to help some people for check my review before buy it.

(Hope It can help you :3)
Sometimes i'll share about my fashion's haul and my daily life too.
So I hope you will not get bored for being my readers :3

Anyway, i'm sorry cause my english too awkward and bad of course >,<
 I can't speak english verywell. 
But I try to use english so I can communicate with people from various countries ^^~
If you want to ask something just feel free to contact me :D
Thx for visit and read my blog ^^

My Profile

1. My Face

I have a round face with (so) chubby checks.
My skin not sensitive easily, so i never got problem
when doing review with new product :p
I have a normal skin and my skin not too white for an asian ><
I can said, my skin is Medium-Tan

 This is how my eyebrow, eyes, nose and lips shape.
My eyebrow's color not black. It's more like chocolate gray (?)
My eyes shape a bit large and i have doublelid, the color is black.
My nose? It's a wide nose! lol I'm the Pug T_T haha
For my lips, it's not too red. It's almost dark =="
but my lips not really dry.


 2. My Hair

This is one of my favourite part of my body.
I love my hair because everyone always amazed at my hair.
Seriously! Because i have a long hair with super smooth and light hair.
People always ask "is it original?",
"have you ever doing smoothing?" and something like that.
That's why I'm being so proud with my hair. lol
My hair not too thick but not too thin too.
But the very big problem is my hair could loss easily.
I still can't get this problem done.

Anyway, I cut my hair.
So let's take a minute to read it here :D

I love doing some selca (selfie), hang-out with my friends, photography, and also love kpop (especially about ulzzang, B1A4, Running Man, Song Triplets & Lee Twins, and lee jong suk! lol).
I love taiwan too :p
I still Love Vic Zhou, Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang until now xD

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